A impossible discovery in Madagascar. A brutal slaying of a team of paleontologists. A set of mysterious bones in a forgotten safety deposit box.

Still mourning the loss of his wife, Trevor Austin finds himself piecing together parts of a 150-year-old conspiracy, hunted by a relentless assassin named Genoa bent on keeping the astonishing truth a secret: Darwin was wrong.


From the author of Darwin's Race and The Retriever, comes an adventure story like no other. Blending science and suspense, The Devil's Gospel will appeal to readers of James Rollins, Dan Brown and Michael Crichton. Are you ready for the truth?

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The devil’s Gospel  /  2012

Jonathan Dougherty is a man without a home, without belongings. A private man, a loner. He is also a man for hire. Driven by an inner determination to right wrongs, he has dedicated his life to finding lost and stolen items, and returning them to their rightful owners.

Johnathan Dougherty is the Retriever.


Drawn into the murky and deadly world of illicit antiques, lorded over by an unscrupulous and ruthless collector, Jonathan comes face to face with his own mysterious past, and discovers that his fate is forever tied to a lost Inca treasure.


Forced into a remote South American jungle in search of the greatest treasure in history, Jonathan soon realizes that rediscovering the lost gold not only means uncovering his past, but that his very life depends on it.

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The Retriever  /  2012

Twelve contestants compete in the most ambitious adventure race ever attempted—to advance into the deepest unexplored gorge on Earth. As they plunge deeper into the gorge, death follows, and the racers realize that the mist-shrouded gorge is not as uninhabited as believed.

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darwin’s race  /  2009

In the final days of World War II, a group of soldiers known as the Monuments Men swept through Europe, saving thousands of works of art from the Nazis. And yet thousands of priceless paintings and sculpture were never recovered. The fate of this ‘lost museum’—worth hundreds of millions of dollars—became one of the enduring mysteries of World War II.

Jonathan Dougherty is the Retriever. Hired to return a masterpiece once stolen by Hitler’s Nazis, Jonathan soon learns he’s just a pawn in more sinister and dangerous plot. Jonathan soon discovers a cryptic clue hidden in a stolen masterpiece, a secret that plunges him into a world of looted artwork and international intrigue. It also makes him the target of dangerous assassins determined to follow the same enigmatic coded messages. Could the clues lead to the answer to World War II’s most enduring mystery?

A high-stakes adventure sure to please readers of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler, The Lost is the thrilling story of a modern-day hunt to learn the truth about the fate of the world’s great lost masterpieces.

The Lost  /  2013

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Scott Humphries is in a rut. An uninspired job, nonexistent love life, a steady diet of takeout pizza. When his father falls unexpectedly ill, Scott is reminded that time is fleeting, and challenges himself to do four dangerous things. When the first dangerous thing ends in a terrible accident, he starts to question his risky quest. And then he meets Molly.


Embracing risk herself, she convinces Scott to carry on and joins him on his journey. But Molly is harboring a secret of her own, and as they share the dangerous experiences, they both realize that falling in love just might be the most dangerous thing of all.


A heart-breaking story of adventure and love and tragedy, Five Dangerous Things will remind you that sometimes life begins with taking a chance on the unknown.

Five Dangerous Things  /  2017

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The canyonlands. Two million acres of impenetrable gorges and soaring sandstone in the desert southwest. Completely uninhabited, dotted only with the crumbling remains of enigmatic ruins left behind when the ancestral Pueblo peoples abruptly disappeared in the 13th century.


Craig Edwards, along with his teenage daughter and young son, escape into these canyons, seeking adventure and family-bonding. But everything changes after the discovery of a long-lost ruin and the rescue of a badly-injured anthropologist. Suddenly, the cryptic petroglyphs found in the ruins and the mutterings of the disoriented professor begin to point to an unimaginable conclusion.


To protect his family, Edwards now must battle an ancient enemy, in one of the most remote places on earth.

Blood canyon  /  2017

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Brian Ullmann

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An avid kayaker, mountain climber and traveler, Brian’s adventure travels resulted in Darwin’s Race, his first novel (Medallion Press 2009). An interest in art and lost treasure led to his second thriller, The Retriever. His third thriller, The Devil’s Gospel is based on a long-time fascination with Charles Darwin.  The Lost is the second book in The Retriever series. His latest novel, Five Dangerous Things, blends high-stakes adventure and a touching love story. Brian is the Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the University of Maryland, his alma mater and lives in Arlington, Virginia where he is hard at work at his next book.


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Darwin’s Race has all the ingredients I love in a thriller: Fun characters, a hero we can root for, nasty villains, a fine chick...and a mythological monster. Most important, the author did the research and knows mountaineering, which makes the story plausible and smooth. A big thumbs up.

Steve Alten, NY Times best-selling author of MEG & The Loch

The climb up the mountain is fast-paced and exciting from the onset and never slows down as unforgiving nature and even less sympathetic humans ballet for the grand prize. Instead of being fully developed characters, each climber has a personal agenda that mostly defines who they are; this works as the most complete “player” is the main antagonist, the mountain. Fans will enjoy trekking up the impenetrable Kuk Sur alongside the participants of Darwin’s Race.

Harriet Klausner, #1 Hall of Fame Reviewer, Amazon

Adventure sportsman Ullmann pours real-life mountain climbing know-how into this impressive debut thriller.

Publisher’s Weekly

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